Error/Crashing: Kodi Has Stopped Working

Troubleshooting - Kodi Has Stopped Working

We find this error is caused by 3 things.

1) Your cache is full.

Go into Kodi, go to the System menu area, above System, hit that clear cache button.  Everytime you watch something, it stores temporary data files in the cache, when the cache is full, it causes issues on the Android Box and gives errors, freezes, or crashes.  Keep your cache cleared every few days.

2) An auto-update has caused some settings needing to be changed, or incompatibility with your TV.  Try disabling Hardware Acceleration.

Go to Kodi, go to System (click into System), go to Video tab, go to Acceleration tab, and disable all 3 hardware acceleration settings.

3) You may need to update the programming.