About us

Welcome to Archies Outlet!  

We are a North American - Canadian superstore that specializes in discount & sale products.  We primarily deal in Home & Living, Outdoor Garden & Sports, and Gaming Products, but we also have a little bit of everything!

While our head office is in the USA:  we service mainly the Ontario region near Toronto, London, and Hamilton from our 3 different 3rd party Canadian service depots.

Archies Outlet was started in 2015 in Tucson, Arizona!

Owned by Alex Fallan, who is speech impaired lost his ability to speak from a young age due to an accident.  Alex has worked with schools and institutes to assist with students and young adults who face the challenges of having a disability.

Archies Outlet proudly employs speech disabled individuals from both USA and Canada.  As well as also having a mentorship program and volunteer program.  At any given time, about 60% of Archies Outlet's customer service team and social media team is made up of volunteers with speech disabilities learning to gain valuable experience in the work field.